Free Nursing Schools Without Tuition FEE

Licensed healthcare professionals have several job prospects, but they must first earn a degree and complete their professional training. When it comes to higher education, money can be a significant issue at times. This article is here to assist. These free nursing schools can provide you with the instruction and training you require without breaking the bank.

How to Apply for Free Nursing Schools

Application requirements for free nursing schools bachelor’s degrees: 

There are some broad expectations you can have of what you’d need to get into one of these free nursing schools, even if the admission criteria for a Bachelor’s in Nursing vary by the free nursing schools and by nations.

Required Document for free nursing schools:

You’ll require a ton of paperwork when applying to a study. Examples include:

  • Grade list and GPA on an official transcript of records.
  • A resume with nursing-related experience that is relevant.
  • Endorsement letters from former professors or employers.
  • A personal statement or letter of inspiration.
  • Assert your payment of the application fee (if there is one).
  • The complete list of required documents will be available in the application or on the university website.

Grade criteria:

Depending on how prestigious or highly regarded the university is, the grade requirements for a degree will frequently vary. You can encounter the following grade requirements if you apply for a nursing degree abroad:

  • GPA: 3 or better on a US scale of 4.0.
    degrees of A: AAB through ABB.
  • 34 points and 655 at HL for IB.
  • SQA Highers: AABB/ABBB by S6; ABBB by end of S5.
  • BBB must be attained in the S4–S6 academic year.
  • ATAR: at least 71.
  • 2 A levels, or the equivalent, and 104–112 points, with 32 points coming from a science or social science subject.
  • A grade of “B” or higher in secondary school

Nursing degrees are the most employable type of degree in the UK, according to Health Education England. Many students decide to study in the UK because of the country’s highly developed healthcare system.

But keep in mind that some UK universities have extremely early deadlines. For schools like Oxford and Cambridge, prepare your application well in advance to avoid any snafus at the last minute.

Required English proficiency:

The majority of people will use English whilst studying overseas. That does imply that universities have language requirements in place as part of their application process because they want to ensure that every student can stay up with the language.

Again, the prerequisites will vary by university, but the following are typical instances of what you might anticipate while applying for a nursing degree abroad:

  • IELTS: a score of 6.5 to 7 or higher, with a minimum writing score of 6.5 and a minimum reading, hearing, and speaking score of 7.
  • A TOEFL iBT score of 75 to 90 or higher is required, with lower minimum levels for the individual portions still being acceptable.
  • 44 through 61 and higher on the PTE Academic.
  • A score of around 176 or higher is required for Cambridge English C1
  • Advanced (formerly CAE) or Cambridge English C2 Proficiency (previously CPE).

On the university’s website, which is frequently also where you’ll be able to submit your application, all prerequisites are detailed. Make sure you visit this page to learn more about their particular requirements. After all, the aforementioned figures are merely averages.

Advantages of being a Nurse?

Here are several motivations for studying nursing:

1. Excellent job prospects and career prospects.
There have been incidences of reported nurse shortages, which has increased demand for registered nurses.

Before 2024, nearly 44,000 new nurse positions will become available, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This projected rate of job growth is higher than the average rate of increase for other professions.

2. Develop a variety of healthcare skills:
Students are taught a variety of healthcare topics and interpersonal skills in nursing programs.

3. Numerous career options:

The majority of people have a hazy impression of nursing when they hear about it, which is frequently the result of inaccurate information.

4. Train to be a nurse:
In addition to having varied qualifications depending on the country, becoming a registered nurse also has a different application process.

Tips to Succeed in Free Nursing Schools

Knowing your learning style is important since many students who succeed in school are aware of their learning advantages and disadvantages. Knowing your preferred method, time, and schedule for studying will help you choose the best choices for you.

1. Pose inquiries: Never be afraid to seek clarification when you are perplexed. This enables you to learn new things and comprehend challenging subjects more clearly. Ask for assistance when you need it.

2. Take care of yourself: Although it should have been the first guideline, we saved it for last because it is one of the most crucial ones. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, eat a nutritious diet, manage your stress, and take breaks as needed.

3. Get organized: Make a list of everything you need to do, including your studies, to get started. Make an environment where you can concentrate on your studies. Additionally, make an effort to arrange all of your reading materials so you can quickly find them when necessary.

List of Free Nursing Schools without Tuition Fee

Here are 14 list of the free nursing schools;

  1. University of Agder’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences.
  2. University of Stavanger’s Department of Health Studies
  3. Hochschule Bremen’s Department of Social Sciences and Media Studies; Metropolitan Institute of Applied Sciences (HSB)
  4. Hamburg’s Department of Nursing and Management Applied Sciences.
  5. The Arctic University of Norway’s; Department of Health and Care Sciences (UiT).
  6. Berea University.
  7. San Francisco City College.
  8. University of the Ozarks
  9. University of Oslo’s
  10. Alice Lloyd College.
  11. Applied Sciences Frankfurt University
  12. Nord College
  13. Vienna University
  14. Akureyri University

Free Nursing Schools

Now let’s discuss the free nursing schools highlighted above.

1. University of Adger’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences

The University of Adger’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences is the first among the free nursing schools list. Norway is well-liked by nursing students due to its high level of living and growing need for nurses and caregivers. A nursing degree opens up a wide range of employment prospects, and the education offered here is of the highest caliber.

The education provided at public universities in Norway is free of charge, under the country’s educational policy. Only semester fees are required, and they pay for the costs of the student organization as well as savings on public transit.

2. Health Studies Department, University of Stavanger

The Department of Health Studies at the University of Stavanger is the next institution on our list of free nursing schools that don’t charge students any tuition. Public institutions offer free degree programs, as was previously noted. It is even more advantageous for overseas students that this department provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees in both Norwegian and English.

Since it was founded in 2005, this public university has produced a significant amount of research. In Norway, it was placed third in 2019 for the number of academic staff members that published research. The department of Health Studies at this university offers distinctive programs, such as its Master in Prehospital Critical Care, that are not offered by other universities in Nordic Countries.

3. Hochschule Bremen’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Media Studies Metropolitan Institute of Applied Sciences (HSB)

Free nursing education is available at Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB), which only charges a semester tuition. Its top-notch programs are open to international students without any tuition fees.

4. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences’ Nursing and Management Department:

Next on this list of the free nursing schools is Hamburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Nursing and Management.

Five programs are offered by this free nursing school, three of which are at the bachelor’s level and the remaining two at the master’s level. Both academic learning and vocational training are included in its programs.

5. Department of Health and Care Sciences – The Arctic University of Norway.

The Department of Health and Care Sciences at Arctic University of Norway marks the fifth position in our list of free nursing schools. There are no tuition costs for local students or students from other countries, as is specifically stated on its website for student budget and cost of living. The semester price for students is NOK 625, which covers their student cards, counseling services, registration for classes, and tests.

6. Berea University
Students at Berea College enjoy a high-quality education that is reasonably priced, as well as free additional perks.

At Berea College, there are no tuition fees. This is made possible by their No-Tuition pledge, which pays for all students’ tuition costs.

7. San Francisco City College
San Francisco, California, United States

The County of San Francisco and City College of San Francisco collaborate to provide residents with free education.

Free City is the name of this tuition-free program, which is solely available to locals.

8. College of the Ozarks 

The College of the Ozarks, also known as C of O, is a Christian liberal arts college that provides free tuition to students so they can graduate debt-free.

As one of the free nursing schools, each week, each college student works a minimum of 15 hours on campus. Federal, state, and the college’s cost of education scholarship are paired with credits earned through the work program to cover students’ educational costs.

9. Alice Lloyd University
This college is among the free nursing schools and it provides up to 10 semesters of tuition-free education to indigenous students living in their service region.

Additionally, the institution offers its students financial aid in the form of endowment scholarships, student employment programs, and other financial aids.

10. Oslo University
Location: Norway, Oslo

While there are no tuition fees at the University of Oslo, students are nevertheless required to pay NOK 860 ($100) in semester fees.

11. Applied Sciences Frankfurt University

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Germany offers both domestic and foreign students 70 degree programs that are practice-oriented. The faculty takes the most recent research into account while creating curriculum to ensure that students are learning pertinent material.

12. Nord College

180 programs are available at Nord University in Norway, which covers many different academic fields. Each year, more than 11,000 students are admitted to its eight sites, which are dispersed throughout Nordland and Trondelag.

Since it is a state-funded institution, not every student must pay tuition. Each semester, you only need to pay a registration fee to cover overhead and student welfare expenses.

13. Vienna University

Students from the EU/EEA and those from underdeveloped nations are not charged

One of the oldest universities in Austria is the University of Vienna (UV), commonly known as Universität Wien. Although it is most recognized for its Humanities degree programs, it also provides top-notch education in the sectors of business, science, and law.

14. Akureyri University

Last on our list of free nursing schools. One of Iceland’s top universities is the University of Akureyri (UNAK), popularly known as Háskólinn á Akureyri. The two subjects it initially offered when it was created in 1987—industrial management and health sciences—are now its areas of expertise.

We hope you found this information on free nursing schools to be useful.

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